People Pleaser, Perfectionist, Good Girl, Conformist, Small Player

Sound familiar?

That is who I've been most of my life.

And I carried that into my business.

I opened a massage center offering the normal and accepted services. Like Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. I'm really good at helping people manage their stress and pain. While I love helping people feel better, that is not really who I wanted to be. But I was playing it safe.

The last few years though I have been transitioning and letting all that go. 

Moving out of an old identity. An old Era.

Now, I'm entering my New Era!
I am embracing ALL of myself.

While I am still helping people let go of their stress and lessen their pain, I am doing it in a way that is who I truly am as a healer.

Helping women heal themselves. 

Helping women discover what is holding them back from becoming who they are meant to be.

Helping women break free from the shadows of their past with strength and confidence through experiences using Light Leader Kundalini™️, Reiki, and crystals.

Break Free From the Past and Embrace All of YOU!