I created this guide to help you balance and heal your chakras using one of the simplest tools, Crystals! 

After almost every Reiki session, I suggest a crystal or two that my client can take home and work with to help keep a problem chakra in balance.  They usually ask me what to do with the crystals I recommend.  So, I decided this bundle was needed for those who get home and go, “What did Sharon tell me to do with this crystal?”

With this bundle you will learn how to work with crystals to balance and heal your chakras through meditation. 

In this bundle: 
  • Learn a little about what meditation is.
  • Basic Chakra Chart to help you pick crystals for your chakras
  • Walk-through of a Chakra Healing Crystal Meditation.
  • Journal page 
  • Audio of guided Chakra Healing Crystal Meditation

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