Simple Grounding Technique For When Your Life Is In Chaos

Let's face it.  We all have times when our lives are in chaos.  This whole year has pretty much been one big ball of CHAOS!  How are you feeling right now?  Lost? Set adrift in the ocean? Like your on a carnival ride you can't get off? Mad? Sad? Weak?  Let me tell you that it is OKAY to feel that way.  It IS!  For a little bit.  Then you have to do something to change the way you feel.  Don't stay on the path down the rabbit hole.  You need to find some balance and get grounded.

While our physical bodies are basically connected or grounded to the earth by gravity, our spiritual or energy bodies may be scattered in many different directions–all over the place. They need help from time to time to get grounded and stay grounded.

Stress, pain, emotions, trauma, nervousness… all of these can cause the spiritual body to become ungrounded.

How can you tell when you need to do some grounding? Ever feel "foggy-headed" or "spaced-out"? That's a good indicator you need to do some grounding. It is also good to ground when you are feeling hyper, nervous, or anxious.

Are you ready for a feeling of calmness, peace, balance and strength?  Try this grounding technique! 

I love to do this basic grounding meditation.  It's very simple even people who have trouble meditating can do it!

  • *Close your eyes. Take a slow deep breath in counting to 4 and hold for a 4 count(1-2-3-4). Then slowly let the breath out counting to 4. Take two more slow deep breaths.
  • *Now, see yourself as a large tree in the woods. You are standing tall and beautiful there. From the bottoms of your feet, large roots begin to grow into the earth. Feel them growing larger and going deeper and deeper into the earth. 
  • *They come upon a HUGE boulder deep within the earth. Your roots start wrapping themselves all around the boulder until all you see is a ball of roots deep within the earth. You are now fully anchored to this boulder at the center of the earth. 
  • *You are grounded. You are safe. You are stable. You are strong.
  • *Take a couple more slow deep breaths.
  • *Now on the next exhale, push all your anxiety, nervousness, fear, frustration or anger down your body, through your roots. All the way down, down, down, deep into the earth. Let it go. Let the earth take it from you. Let the earth absorb it.
  • *Take a couple more slow deep breaths.
  • *On the next inhale, feel the earth's warm, secure, loving energy pulse from the boulder and run slowly up your roots. Take another slow deep breath. Feel the energy come up your roots and into the bottoms of your feet. Take another slow deep breath. Feel the energy come up and fill your body. Take another slow deep breath. Feel the energy pulsating throughout your body from your feet all the way up to the top of your head.. 
  • *Take a couple more slow deep breaths. Then start wiggling your fingers and opening your eyes.

You can visualize retracting your roots back up into the bottoms of your feet but I usually leave them there. Do what feels right to you at the moment.

Try it and the comment below and let me know how you felt afterwords.


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