Three Ways To Manifest Using Crystals

Three Ways To Manifest Using Crystals
In my last blog post, I shared about five crystals for manifestation.  Today, I want to share with you my three favorite ways to manifest with crystals.

Daily Crystal Morning Meditation.
It is simple to do but very powerful. I like to layer energies that correspond to my goals. You can leave out the oil and candle but it makes this technique more powerful.
  • Pick 1-2 crystals whose energies match the goal you want to work with. This can be a  stone to carry in your pocket or a piece of jewelry to wear.
  • Pick an essential oil whose energies match the goal you want to work with. You can also just use the Manifestation oil blend. (Burning incense of the same herb/resin/oil will work too.)
  • This step is optional but I highly recommend using it as often as you can. Light a corresponding colored candle or a specially created goal candle like the prosperity candle. Then while focusing on the candle's flame…
  • In the palm of your hand, apply 1 drop of the essential oil and rub your palms together a few times. Then cup your hands over your nose and slightly open mouth. Intentionally take several slow, deep, breaths while thinking about and visualizing your goal manifested.  
  • Next, hold your crystal(s) in the palm of your hand. Intentionally take several slow, deep, breaths while thinking about and visualizing your goal manifested.  
  • Snuff your candle and use it each day til used up and needs replacing.
  • Place the stone(s) in your pocket or on your body and go on with your day.
Manifestation Bag
These are great little focal objects that allow you to combine the energies of several items toward a single purpose.  I like to make mine with an organza bag but you can also use a square of fabric and tie it up into a small bundle with string.  You can use white ones or add another layer of energy by using a color that corresponds to the energy of the bag's purpose. 

Now, in your bag, you are going to place items whose energies match your purpose. These items can be but are not limited to crystals, herbs, essential oils, miniature representations of purpose, pictures, etc.

So, I will use Abundance as an example. 
A gold or green organza bag
1 Pyrite
1 Jade
1 Citrine 
1 Cinnamon stick
1 pinch of Orange Peel
1 pinch of Basil
3 Quarters
3 Dimes 
3 Nickels
3 Pennies 

You put all the items in the bag. Then give it a few shakes. Visualizing already having manifested your goal. In this example, you would visualize having your bank account balance showing an amount that feels abundant to you. Or, you could visualize your appointment book being full of clients. Then daily or weekly, repeat the shake and visualization. Leave it in your sacred space, on your bedside table, or carry it with you.

Manifesting Crystal Grid
Speaking of sacred spaces, another great way to use crystals in manifesting is to create a crystal grid!  Granted, your grid doesn't need to be in your sacred space. It can be on your bedside table, kitchen counter, corner of your desk, or even in the console of your car.

Now there are lots of great ways to create grids but I am going to share a very simple one with you here. You need a crystal whose energy matches your purpose. It will be the focal point of your grid. Then you need four clear quartz crystals. These should be smaller than your focal point stone.  You also need a written affirmative that matches your manifestation goal. 

You place the affirmation down in the center of your space set aside for your grid. Then on top of the affirmation, you place your focal crystal. Then you place your four quartz stones around the focal. Can be in the four directions(use a compass) or in an equal arm cross.  Then using a quartz crystal point, visualize energy connecting the five stones together and then move the energy in a clockwise direction from the focal stone outward into the Universe towards manifesting your goal.

These are great ways you can use crystals to manifest your goals. But, don't forget about your chakras. They really need to be balanced first so you are not having to do extra work when trying to align your vibrational frequency to manifest your goals.

If you need help balancing your chakras, consider getting my new Crystal & Reiki session. 

Five Great Crystals For Manifesting

Five Great Crystals For Manifesting
Crystals can be used to get your personal vibrational frequency elevated to match the frequency of whatever goal you want to manifest.  Say you are wanting to manifest success, you want to get your body's energy vibration to match the vibrational frequency of success. Crystals are a great, simple to use, little tool that can help you align your frequency easily.