Letting Go Of The Emotional Pot Holes of Life

Letting Go Of The Emotional Pot Holes of Life

Life is a journey. Sometimes it is a smooth, straight road with clearly marked directional signs.

From time to time though, Life throws us potholes and sharp turns that leave us wondering where we are and how we ended up in a ditch.

No matter where we end up, there is always a lesson or two to learn. We can't always see it while we are on the trip. But the lesson is there.

And sometimes we walk away with hidden bruises like self-doubt, heartache, anger, and depression. And we relive the trip over and over and over again.

This isn't good for us.

For one, It throws us off balance, stresses us out, and can lead to physical and mental health problems.

AND it robs us of our POWER!

We can't keep allowing it to do this. We have to get ahold of our thoughts and emotions, as well as take back our POWER!

So, how do you start Letting Go of the memories and emotions?

Well, let me share with you what helped me after ending a friendship with a group of people that I felt were like family but I learned were lying to me and using me. What really hurt was I was able to fully prove the lying on my birthday. When I caught them in another lie.

Water is a soul soother for me. Water fountains, water falls, springs, creeks, rivers, and especially the ocean. Water became my best friend for several months after my birthday.

I found any body of moving water I could find and sat as close to it as I could. I visited the Japanese Garden at my local Botanical Gardens often. There is an area behind the pond where there is run off water flowing. It's kind of hidden, but I found it.

At least once a week(sometimes as many as three), I would visit the garden and sit where I could hear the music of that water and be surrounded by nature. I took a notebook with me. In it, I wrote my thoughts and feelings down.

I would cry. I would fuss at myself.

"How was I so blind?"

"How did I allow this to happen?"

"Why did I let it go on so long once I started noticing things?"

Sound familiar?

I also started writing quotes in the back of the notebook.

Abraham -Hicks ones were some of my favorites.

As time started passing, the pain started fading. I would go days without it cropping up. Weeks without visiting the Gardens. I was finally over it, right? Wrong.

It would creep up on me out of the blue and hurt almost as bad as those first weeks.

Then I read about a burning/fire bowl ceremony. It was just before the end of the year. The article was talking about letting go all the negative energies from things that had happened during the year, so as not to carry that negative energy into the new year.

I have since seen it applied to each new month or new moon cycle as well.

So, I created my own version of the burning ceremony and gave it a try. Even though it was so simple, it really did help me start the final healing from the bad friendship.

I did the ritual a few times. Each time new memories and emotions surfaced for me to let go of. Then I added to the ritual smelling essential oils.  That really enhanced the ritual and now when I have thoughts or reminders of that relationship I can do so without hardly any emotions and can even remember a few of the good times fondly.

Are you tired of reliving the trip?

Are you tired of the emotional merry-go-round from it?

Are you ready to LET IT GO?

I created a free e-guide with the ritual and ways that you can add to it.  Comment below with your email, and I'll send you a copy.. Or email me at sharon@sharonerussell.com asking for the Let It Go eGuide.