Even I Need Reminding

Even I Need Reminding

We all need reminders from time to time to stop and enjoy the little things. To take a breather from life's stress and chaos of the world around us. To just breathe.

I was taking a quick detour in my yard today on the way from my car to my house and went past my special spot, my Sacred Space.  I had no intention of walking into the space though cause it was a very hot summer afternoon down here in the Deep South. And the shade was not offering any relief from the heat.

But just as I got even with the entrance into my spot, a movement happened and a plop onto leaves noise sounded. So I looked over and saw this fellow looking at me. I, of course, greeted him(Like I do all animals, birds, lizards, Dragonflies, fish, and frogs). "Hello, little fellow. Stay right there. You don't have to leave. I'm not going to hurt you."

We just stared at each other for a minute or two. Me just appreciating a thing from Nature and breathing. Watching his color change slowly. Then I decided to take a few pictures, because I'm like that too. ;)  All the while, he just sat there in the shade on the leave and looked at me. He never moved except for his breathing.

I thanked him for allowing me to get pictures and for the visit and then continued on to the house to get out of the heat.

That little frog has stayed with me since then. A reminder to stop, see the little things in life, to take a time out, to enjoy nature, and to BREATHE.

How about you? When was the last time you stopped and enjoyed the little things around you? Tell me below what you enjoyed! I'd love to know.

Creating Space For Letting Go Of Stress

Creating Space For Letting Go Of Stress

Carving out space in your home or yard that is just for you can help you find balance when you are stressed or overwhelmed.  It doesn't have to be a big space nor does it have to be fancy.  It just needs to be a space you call your own.

I'm talking about creating a sacred space. A space that you don't do any work in. A space  you can go to when you need to think or have a time out. A place you can go and spend at least 10 minutes a day in, whether inside or outside your home.

A few simple sacred spaces you could create are:

  • In the corner of a room. 

  • The center of a closet.  

  • That sunny window seat. 

  • Lounge chair beside the pool.  

  • The swing on the porch.

  • A shady spot in the garden.

You don't really need much in a sacred space but some people see more benefit with the more elaborate spaces. We'll talk about more involved sacred spaces in a later post.

So what do you do in your sacred space?

  • Have a cup of coffee or tea while contemplating the day.

  • Practice your daily gratitude

  • Write in your journal

  • Read your morning or evening devotional

  • Meditate

  • Yoga

  • Pray

  • Read

  • Just Breathe

  • Enjoy nature

If you have started practicing any of the techniques I've shared in my previous posts, try them in your sacred space. You'll see more benefit from your daily gratitude journaling and/or mindful breathing practices by doing them in a sacred space!  It really does add more to them.

So, tell me below where is your sacred space(s)?

Finding Balance With Gratitude

Finding Balance With Gratitude

Developing a daily attitude of gratitude can make a huge difference in your daily life!

It's a great way to start the day on a positive note and can help shift the energy when the day causes you to become stressed or grumpy.

One way to do this is with Gratitude journaling. It's keeping a record of appreciation or thanks for all that you have received in your life whether from a person, nature, or The Universe/Divine. But it is so much more than that.

Like meditation, gratitude journaling is simply just a way of getting your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts from something negative toward the positive.


By helping you focus on the positive things in your life.

When practiced routinely, there are many great benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. There have been many studies done on practicing gratitude and the benefits the practitioner receives. They have found that when you routinely practice gratitude it can:

  • Increase concentration and attention span.

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Increase awareness of surroundings.

  • Increase mental clarity and may improve memory

  • Increases mental discipline and willpower

  • Reduces muscle tension and relaxes the body

  • Reduce stress and symptoms of stress-related conditions.

  • Reduce anxiety, phobias, and OCD

  • Improve healthy sleep patterns

  • Improve depression and outlook on life.

  • Improve positive thoughts and feelings of self as well as others

  • Create a positive mood.

One thing to keep in mind with this practice is, gratitude is an emotion. So when you are journaling, you should do it with FEELING for what you're thankful for. Otherwise, you're just making a list of things. It won't have the same results.

Comment below with 3 things you are grateful for!